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2016.06.07 TUESDAY

Spend the Night with the Mr. Osomatsu Brothers Ikebukuro hotel opens special Mr. Osomatsu-themed room


Mr. Osomatsu

If you’re an anime fan who has been keeping up with recent series, you’re no doubt aware of Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san), the animated revival of Fujio Akatsuka’s classic Osomatsu-kun manga. With its absurdist, irreverent humor and willingness to lambast recent anime trends, Mr. Osomatsu became a surprise hit both abroad but especially in Japan, with Osomatsu events drawing huge crowds throughout Tokyo.

Now Osomatsu superfans are being offered the night of a lifetime with an official Mr. Osomatsu-themed hotel room which opens June 6 in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City Prince Hotel.

The room, which has been decked out to resemble the house shared by the six Osomatsu brothers, “will make you feel like you’ve become a part of the Osomatsu family,” says a representative of SO-ZO, the firm that designed the project.

Items placed throughout the room include Hatabo’s trademark flag, the black pole used in episode 3’s bathhouse quiz, and even the very special item from episode 13, which is hidden somewhere in the room.

The Osomatsu room costs ¥60,000 per night and can sleep a maximum of – you guessed it – six.

Six hundred bucks might seem pretty steep, but that didn’t stop Osomatsu fans, who promptly booked out every night of the hotel’s three-month run within hours of reservations going live.

Those who didn’t make the mad rush for the room have a consolation prize, though: guests can also book a normal room in the Prince Hotel under the “Osomatsu original goods plan,” which entitles them to a pin badge, tote bag, message card and pillow case.

The whole thing runs until September 3, so grab a friend or five and make your way to Ikebukuro for a night to remember.

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