Purchase Method

1. Obtain a print number

Confirm the product you would like to purchase on this website. Take note of the 10-digit "print number"

2. Head to your nearest Family Mart store!

*Not available at select stores


3. Find the multi-function copy machine inside Family Mart

*Please note that your purchase cannot be made at multi-function copy machines with small coin vendors as displayed on the right


4. Purchase with the multi-function copy machine!

(1) Touch "Family Mart Print" on the touch panel menu screen


(2) Read the user agreement form. If you find no problems, select "I agree"


(3) Input the print number for the image you would like to purchase by selecting the "Input Print Number" button, or touch and select a thumbnail image from the contents

*A select number of images can only be handled after inputing your print number

*Images which are different from their thumbnails are randomly selected in the "Lottery" contents


(4) Proceed to the details screen by clicking on the product name

*You may specify the number of prints on the details screen

*You may specify the printing size on select images

Proceed through the screens and print the product according to the guide


Important Reminder

*Not available at select stores. Please see here to find a multi-function-printer-equipped convenience store near you.

*Service not available at multi-function-printer-equipped stores where select photo prints cannot be printed. We ask for your understanding.

*Regarding printed items: with the exception of printing defects, exchanges/refunds are not allowed.

*Except in cases set forth by the Copyright Act, it is forbidden by law to duplicate/modify/publicly distribute, in whole or in part, copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright holder.

*Please note that the product images which appear on the personal computer monitors of our customers and the actual printed product may differ with regard to color and brightness.

  • Recommended Browser

  • We recommend that you use the following browsers.
  • PC: IE10+, Safari/Firefox/Chrome (newest version)
  • iOS: Safari, Chrome
  • Android: Standard built-in browser, Chrome