You can order personalized paper lanterns from this long-established paper lantern shop

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Founded in the year 161, "Yoshinoya shouten" is a small store that sells engraved paper lanterns which are rare even within the metropolitan area.

Yoshinoya shouten

Watching Japanese letters being drawn on the white paper lantern exactly the way you requested is quite a stirring spectacle. "There are brushes and ink to borrow, so you can even draw the characters yourself" informs Ms. Yuiko Yoshino, a shop assistant. If you buy one of the LED candles from the shop (~280 yen), you will have a souvenir that can't be found anywhere else in the world. While it of course functions as a lighting fixture, it can also be used as a cool and unconventional signboard when personalized with a company or store's name. [Hand drawn lanterns are on sale starting at 2,000 yen].

(※「To order and create a hand drawn lantern, there must be at least three people at the time of request. Advance reservations are required and can be made by sending an e-mail to])

The paper lantern is an ancient Japanese method of illumination. Created from slender split bamboo, they are noted for their flexible construction. The candle began gaining popularity during the Edo period before spreading among the masses. It is an item that even appears in ukiyoe woodblock prints.

An ukiyoe from Kuniyoshi Utagawa

An ukiyoe from Kuniyoshi Utagawa (Kansei era, ninth year - Bunkyu era, first year 1797-1861.)

Yoshinoya shouten

There is an in-store gallery displaying lighting fixtures created using modern paper lantern fabrication methods. Featuring a diverse stock ranging from sizes as small as 5cm to large models close to 2m.

Yoshinoya shouten

This seventh-generation-run store is known as a venerable and prominent paper lantern shop, and it has handled a multitude of products ranging from paper lanterns made to decorate festivals and famous shrines, to lanterns created for interior lighting.

Yoshinoya shouten

Developed through a collaboration with other companies, these anime-patterned lanterns are characteristic of Akiba.

Yoshinoya shouten

With a photograph of Isamu Noguchi who is a world-famous sculptor, a colorful lantern of the AKARI series that designed a Japanese lantern becoming own ancestors is a lineup.

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Walking the stage of "The lantern maker," a traditional Japanese comic story. (*Japanese-only site: In the middle of the stage are numerous illustrations of lanterns).

Akita Kanto Festival (*Japanese-only site: A traditional event held in Akita in which many lanterns are affixed to long poles to drive off ghosts and midsummer sickness).


  • NAME:Yoshinoya shouten
  • ADDRESS:2-13, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda city,Tokyo
  • HOURS OF OPERATION:Advance reservations can only be made in-shop for wholesalers.
  • CLOSE:Saturaday, Sunday and Holidays
  • TEL:+81-3-3863-1623
  • HP(JP):