Kashiwaya Senbei: A Famous Sweets Shop with a 98-year History


First established in 1919, the 8th year of the Taisho era, Kashiwaya Senbei is a long-standing senbei speciality shop in Akihabara that celebrated its 98th anniversary this year. Ever since the original owner first opened the shop at age 23, its been running it the same way in the same location ever since.

It's located in Kanda-hirakawacho, a tiny neighborhood that faces Showa Dori. It's a beloved spot in the area where you can enjoy old stories of Akihabara from the lady there, who's very good at telling stories.



The counter is decorated with vivid flowers and paper lanterns from the town council.


Signatures of the many celebrities who have visited the store.


"There was once a time where a young policeman was newly assigned to the area, and when he visited this street someone told him 'to check at the Kashiwaya Senbei Shop!'", the lady will say.  The weighted scale and this wonderful lady have many stories about the years of history here.


This place has been featured on websites, bringing visitors from overseas who came just to try the Senbei. It's said that the "daimaru" senbei (¥300) are particularly popular.


The curry flavored senbei is another big hit with overseas travellers(¥300).


There are many company owners and celebrities who will buy their treats as business gifts, too.


Some sketches drawn as an art project by the students at the nearby art school. As the host lady and her heartwarming stories will tell you, the residents of Akihabara love the senbei here, which would make for the perfect souvenir from your next trip.


  • NAME:Kashiwaya Senbei
  • ADDRESS:1 Kandahirakawa-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0027
  • HOURS OF OPERATION:11:00~19:00
  • CLOSED:Irregular holidays
  • TEL:+81-3-3866-7482