QLQL Cafe: Shoot a 360-degree Picture

QLQL (pronounced "kuru-kuru," which means rolling in Japanese): in this café, you can take photo that you can be seen from 360 degrees at a special studio.

Many cosplayers visit and take QLQL photos. The picture is developed in about two minutes, then uploaded to the website. Customers receive the URL, so you can even show your picture to friends far away. Click here to see a sample!

If you're on a smartphone, try dragging the girl left and right. She follows your finger! You can also check the QLQL photo on your computer by dragging your mouse.



The subject steps onto the platform and turns 360 degree. The photo is automatically controlled.


When you read the QR code, you can check the QLQL picture!


According to the manager, “at the beginning, it took two months to develop one photo. But four years later, that's been reduced to one or two minutes.”

Now that's persistence.



As a bonus, you can order printed QLQL pictures on the original postcards, and your QR code on a mug cup is 2,000 yen plus tax.




You can try a QLQL photo with a drink set for 800 yen plus tax. Of course, it’s okay if you order only drinks or food.

“You can reserve QLQL for a party or light meal as an after-wedding ceremony,” said the manager.


When we visited the café, they were holding a ceremony for the publishing of a book about military characters.

“QLQL is open for the people who want to perform something. We are happy if people visit here to communicate with each other," said the manager.


“The word QLQL has many meanings. We want to connect people between time and space.” QLQL: where technology meets communication.


  • NAME:QLQL Cafe
  • ADDRESS:3-7-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
  • HOURS OF OPERATION: 10:30 to 18:30.
  • CLOSED: Wednesday
  • TEL:+81-3-5244-4082
  • HP:qlqlcafe.com