R.L. Waffle Cafe: Gaze At The Kanda River While Enjoying The Ever-Changing Waffles


As you look upon the Kanda River, which has patiently watched over Akiba’s history, you can savor a waffle cake—made of seasonal fruits and cream sandwiched between waffles—at R.L WAFFLE CAFE Akihabara . The café has both a nice view and a tranquil atmosphere, not to mention tasty food.



The café uses vintage Northern European furniture. While you look out through the large glass windows, you can enjoy the popular waffles.


Almost every week, foreign married couples come to the café on the weekend to eat this breakfast item, “Dry-Cured Ham With A Soft-Boiled Egg.”


This is the “Choco Banana,” a dessert waffle favorite.


Waffles are not limited to being sweets, and can be enjoyed as sandwiches, as pizzas, and in various other ways. “The waffles offered at the café are cooked inside the shop. They are thicker than the waffles intended for takeout, and we pay particular attention to the springy texture,” the store manager says. The price of a waffle ranges from 300yen to 650yen, not including tax.



Up to 20 different varieties of the café’s daily special leading product, the “waffle cake,” are available for sale (including the seasonally-limited varieties). One waffle cake starts at a reasonable 100yen, with tax not included.


Cookie-type waffles, available for purchase as souvenirs, start at 550yen, not including tax. There are many varieties available for sale. The regular menu varieties, starting from the left, are maple, plain, chocolate, and strawberry. As for the two items in the back, one is a limited-edition product that cycles in and out with the seasons, and one is only sold locally.


Getting away from the noisiness of Akiba, and relishing some delicious waffles inside a quiet café, is another way for expert Akiba-ites to enjoy themselves.


  • ADDRESS:GYB AKIHABARA 1F 2-25 Kanda-Sudacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0041
  • HOURS OF OPERATION:From 9:00 to 21:00[L.O. 20:30]
  • CLOSED:Irregular
  • TEL:+81-3-3258-4555
  • HP:http://www.rl-waffle.co.jp/wafflecafe.html