Hobby Shop I.T.R.: A Figurine Specialty Store from the Heart


Started by the store's manager, who has loved figurines and dioramas for a long time, "Hobby Shop I. T. R." buys and sells second-hand figurines. The store manager pours his affection into every single product and interacts just as kindly with his customers. He is certainly not fluent in English, but if you can use your hands to gesture what product you're looking for, or if you can show him a picture of it on your smartphone, he will do his best to find it for you. Here you can find many products not often found in other stores, and it's also attractive to many customers that the second-hand goods come 'without a box,' as this makes them cheaper and less bulky.


The entrance is up a narrow staircase on the third floor. Its cozy atmosphere, quite different from that of a large store, is also attractive to customers.


When you enter the store, you have found the Kingdom of Figurines. Packed with so many figurines that regardless of the work or character, in this limited space you will find yourself saying "they even have this!"



Although they are second-hand, this devoted manager is unique in how he takes excellent care of any figure he receives. The manager says, "There are also products that have an affordable price because they are not in the original package."


Very popular characters such as those from "One Piece" are on display. Seen in 3-D, the realism of the characters is doubled.


Figurines of which only 10 exist in the entire world: you may also find such treasures here!




SD-sized, adorable characters. By the way, this character is cute, but it is a boy.

The shop's atmosphere, the product lineup, the support for customers...the store's manager has poured his devotion into all of it. If you ask questions such as how to care for it after you take it home, or how to hang it up for decoration, he will surely respond to you with a thoughtful answer.


  • NAME:Hobby Shop I. T. R.
  • ADDRESS:Hope Bld. 3F 3-10-6 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021
  • HOURS OF OPERATION:12:00~20:00
  • CLOSED:Monday
  • TEL:+81-3-6206-9863
  • HP:https://twitter.com/hobbyitr