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BUY MORE: A PC Parts Store That's Beginner-Friendly


The PC parts specialty store BUY MORE Akihabara can build a PC from scratch to your liking. This is a special shop, unique to Akiba, known the world over as a computer district. Naturally, we carry everything related to PCs and PC maintenance. Our staff, who are knowledgeable in PC construction and troubleshooting, will provide support for you.


These are motherboards, the foundation of a PC. You can’t get started without one.


Cooling fans keep your computer from overheating. The brightly shining type with attached LEDs are popular. They are inside the computer when they light up, so no one can see, but this invisible stylishness is totally becoming of Akiba.


When you have trouble, you can rest easy, consulting with our experienced staff, starting with our shop manager, who has a 20-year history in the business.



The latest prices of CPUs and hard disks are posted at the front of the store, so you don’t have to worry!


These screws, which hold motherboards and hard disks in place, are small and often get lost, so sudden need for them is high. When you have a problem, don’t panic, come to BUY MORE -- we carry it all.



Here the underlying circuitry of a computer is displayed, fragrant with the smell of Akihabara! You’re free to take pictures, so, in a way, isn’t this a spot where you can take a picture of Akihabara itself!? ※When taking pictures, please take care not to get in the way of other customers.

There are also a lot of high-spec parts and people with long experience using them here, so as you come and go, you will hear all sorts of information, giving you shortcuts to build your own PC.


  • NAME:BUY MORE flagship store in Akihabara
  • ADDRESS:Akihabara HF Bld. 1F 3-14-10 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021
  • HOURS OF OPERATION:11:00~20:00
  • TEL:+81-3-5209-7330
  • http://www.unitcom.co.jp/buymore/