Assist Wig Akihabara: Wigs for Cosplay in Almost Infinite Colors!


Wig is one of the most important parts to bring out the character’s identity. “Assist Wig Akihabara” is the specialty store of wig for cos-play. There are 501 kinds of color that you can make original styles as you want with special tools and accessories. Even the same wig would express the different stories.




The suitable hair color depends on the material of the costume, character, and player. It’s possible to express the total coordinate of the character that you want to be.


These are all heat-resistant material so that you can use dryer or hair iron to make the shape in detail.


You would find Information board in the store. Many cos-players put their advertisement, contact information, and so on. Even friends from abroad put their information to find their new friends who have same favorites. “If you could find your cos-friend in the same country in Japanese information board, it must be fun.” The owner said.


There are many kinds of colored contact lens, but also hair color, eyes’ impact, costume is very important factor to make a balance of your character.



If you do not pay attention to your foot ware, it’s too bad as a cos-player!! From head to toe, even nails are important to make you impressive or not.


For your hair or wig. This is amazing super hard gel “Tsun-Tsun chan.”



For making props such as crown, dagger, or mask. This is “Jiyuu-jizai Board (Free creating board).” By heating this material, you can stick two boards or make figure as you want. This wonderful board is sold only here in whole Japan.


Please ask staffs anything. Sometimes they may give you a information about “buy one full wig, get one in a half price!” The armor of the character in the photo above is also made by “Jiyuu-jizai Board.”

It’s better to bring your costume first. Then, make a coordinate by comparing materials. You should not miss the information of special sales to develop your items!。

  • NAME : Assist Wig Akihabara
  • ADDRESS : 4-4-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021 (In Retro Game Camp)
  • HOUR OF OPERATION : From 11:15 to 19:45.
  • TEL:+81-3-6206-9128
  • HP: