Akiba Kart and walking tour in Junk Street in Summer

Akiba kart
“Akiba Kart” is very popular recentry as we can run in the town by kart.
Also many Japanese medias introduce Akiba Kart as a new attraction of Tokyo.

Only you need for driving is a driver’s license.
(If you were tourists, you need International driver’s license and Passport.)
There is no seatbelt or helmet.
The license for automatic transmission is allowed.

As the first step, the staff have a brief lecture for driving by kart.

On the public road
After the lecture, let’s go on the road!

The ordinary sight of Akihabara would look very different on the kart.
Sometimes you correct people’s attention, and it’s like you are big star!

There are some points for group photo.
(Please bring a camera by yourself.)

Junk Street
After the exciting drive, let’s take a walk to loosen up the body.

In this tour, we focus on the street of a very deep culture called “Junk Street.”
There are many unique shops which are very different from shops near by station or main street.

“Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan (the buggest cupsle toy shop in Akihabara) that we introduced in “BEACON Akiba” is also in this area.
Cupsle toy goods are handy and reasoneble price, so maybe suit for souvenir for your friends.

By walk 10minutes
Niku Bar Ushinomiya B...
After driving and walking, you must be hungry.
So, the next spot is the restaurant in which you can enjoy huge and juicy meat.

This is “Niku Bar Ushinomiya Bekkan.”

From the various menu, we picked the most popular order of “Hamburg Steak lunch set.”
Overflowed meat juice tempts you, and Japanese style source fits its taste.

The weight of hamburg is 300g (about 0.7lb.)
Also rice and soup is included. You must be happy with this volume!
Our tour finishes here, so you can take enough time to enjoy a big lunch.

By walk 5minutes

このルートをAkiba Deep Travelのガイドがご案内します!

このルートをAkiba Deep Travelのガイドがご案内します!

Meeting at JRAkihabara station Denki-Gai entrance, finish at Ushinomiya Bekkan (the restaurant.)
Date: Aug/11/2016 (Thu/ National holiday in Japan)
Hour: From 1:15PM to 3:30PM (about two hours)
Fee (TAX included): 9,900yen
For Akiba Kart, you need Driver’s license (For tourists, International driver’s license for Japan and Passport needed.)
When you apply the tour, please make a copy (or photo or scaned data) of these lisences.
For your safty, please dress in casual. Also choose low-heel shoes for driving.
Even you do not drive the kart, the price would be same.

What services the tour includes:
Japanese guide, English translator, fee for Akiba Kart, and lunch
At least 5 adults needed, limit 10 people.
Please apply at least three days before for prepare the guide and translator.
In detail, please check the website of “Akiba Deep Travel.”


※Any products, souvenirs, or meals would be changed in case of if needed.