Enjoy the Iwamotocho・Higashi-Kanda family bazaar with a guide! -Let’s enjoy this popular outlet sale!-

Akiba Town
Tour the district of Akihabara
At first I stroll around in around Akihabara Station before shopping.
It is past relatively new cityscape this time around East-Side Transportation Plaza from the central gate.

The Akihabara Station East-Side Transportation Plaza has a relatively young history.
There is actually a spot underground here that has a hint about the route so please look forward to that.

There is also a surprisingly unknown historical spot on the way to Iwamotocho

Interesting spots in t...
Many mysterious spots remain in quiet areas across the Kanda River.
We'll also explore interesting spots in the Akihabara・ Iwamotochō neighborhood.
Now here's a quiz. Where is the statue in the photo above located...?
A hint is that it is somewhere on this page's map.

If we have time, I'll introduce it to you, but off in the distance is this ordinary vending machine. A mystery also lives here.
There are many puzzling spots other than this so let's find them all together.

By walk 10minutes
The popular outlet sale that has continued for over 30 years
Iwamotocho・Higashi-Kanda family bazaar is one of the main events of the tour. The family bazaar started when the accumulation of clothes and textiles wholesalers in Iwamotochō decided to have a "bargain sale for families" to target workers. From there, it greatly expanded and became what it is today. It is a customary twice-a-year event where you can buy every single thing imaginable. You can of course buy clothes, shoes, and smaller clothing accessories, but you can also buy things such as daily staples and sun-dried foods.

A guide who loves fashion will show you the most enjoyable parts.

We will also focus on the shop exhibits, but only on this tour can you learn all the charms of the family bazaar that you wouldn't be able to find just by shopping.

By walk 10minutes
Izumi Bridge Dock
You can also choose to go on the Kanda River & Sky Tree Cruise!
Ride the 2nd cruise of Iwamotocho・Higashi-Kanda family bazaar's popular "4-year anniversary of Sky Tree! Early summer Sky Tree Cruise" project!
After you enjoy shopping, it is also possible to enjoy a boat ride.

If you decide to go on board, the guide will escort you.
Those who want to go on board must purchase a ticket for the 2nd cruise before the day of the tour. (sold at the family bazaar headquarters)
If no one will be boarding, we will extend the shopping time at the family bazaar instead of stopping by the Izumi Bridge boat boarding spot.

By walk 5minutes

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start & Goal:JR Akihabara Station Central Gate.

2016/05/28(SAT)-29(SUN),06/04(SAT)-05(SUN) From 10:30AM to 12:30PM(Time required about 2 hours)

Participation fee (tax included) 3,000yen

*Service that is included in the tour price

Guide fee, one meal & drink

Min departs number 3 person capacity 10 people.

The judge departs whether to recruit 3 days ago. Japanese guide one person.

Stroke of the details, please refer to the Application page of Akiba Deep Travel (travel organizer).


*Japanese only.

*Souvenirs and products that are introduced in the course might be changed by circumstances.