AKIBA SAKURA TOUR ~Let's enjoy cherry tree and Akiba culture in full blossom thoroughly!~

Kanda Myoujin
The famous place of the secret cherry tree! The Edo Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods) colored by Someiyoshino.

At first to Kanda Myojin got close to as The Edo Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods).
It is the figure which a main shrine painted in red shines in the petal of the Someiyoshino, and is gorgeous.
There is the bench in the precincts, too and can take a short break while looking at a cherry tree.
Kanda Shrine goes to the wedding ceremony, but a bridal couple walking the approach to a shrine among a lot of cherry trees is beautiful at all.
I make the flower that Sidarezakura(the drooping cherry tree) which was transplanted by restaurant "new flowering" under Myojin when it is April is wonderful bloom.

In addition, the rooftop garden of the parking lot which is adjacent in the precincts for the cherry tree spot of the little-known spot is recommended.
A spirea and the fresh green, a cherry tree show a calm expression and are healed very much.
There is the wooden house which was full of the best of Edo under eyes, but "Cafe Imasa (house of Kanda)".
It seems to be the thing which removed and rebuilt the Endo house which ran a lumber dealer once.
I can receive hospitality such as the coffee under the eaves in cafe Imasa.
Attraction is felt to a wooden house and the cherry tree which were full of the best of Edo again and pleases the eyes of the next caller.

Photo by Akihabara Asterisk http://blog.livedoor.jp/akiba_asterisk/

Tea and sweets of the cherry flavor to enjoy in a maid cafe of the hideout wind
Go down Myojinshita; and to an immediate maid coffee shop "Togenkyo".

A maid shop of the atmosphere to look good with the name called "the coffee shop" rather than the cafe which can enjoy 20 kinds of flavor T from a constant seller to an oddball.
There is the shop in the back alley of the electronics quarter quietly and, as it were, is like the hideout of Akihabara.

There seem to be many young ladies to visit from coziness alone.
Let's receive hospitality of the flavor tea of the cherry tree flavor from a maid here.
Let's receive hospitality of the flavor tea of the cherry tree flavor from a maid here.
In the shop which is kind to Doll fan, menus include mini-parfait for Doll size.

By walk 10minutes
Shoheibashi(Shohei Bri...
The spot that can enjoy scenery of the succession of seven kinds of dancing in a bridge built over the Kanda River
When Tsunayoshi Tokugawa built the Yushima temple of Confucius which is Confucius joss house, it is a bridge named for the Shohei volost that is the ground of the Confucius connection.
The Shohei Bridge comes up in the popular Animated Feature Film "Love Live !!" when Akihabara became Field. There is the work fan who I sit on a chair, and takes a ceremonial photograph.
The highlight of the cherry tree here is a weeping cherry tree of Someiyoshino of the down stream side and the side of upper reaches.

The Shohei Bridge is known as an appreciation spot of the railway bridge, will the contest of the light blue railway bridge (Kanda River bridge) and drooping cherry tree be wonderful?
It is irregular, and Kanda River Cruise goes into service, but the cherry tree to look at from the Cruise on board is wonderful.

When a cherry tree is scattered, please pay attention to the Kanda River flowing through the bottom of the bridge. The state that the surface of the water is dyed pinkness is beautiful again.

By walk 10minutes
A cherry tree and the green which shine in a building fitted with glass
There is compound facilities "WATERRAS" which redeveloped old Awaji Elementary School, and was made when I cross the Shohei Bridge.
There is a lawn in spite of being the downtown area and is the splendid spot that can enjoy a cherry tree while lying here.

The cherry tree blooms to surround a white wing-shaped art object.
Because there are a baker and the supermarket in WATERRAS, there seems to be the slight picnic.
The atmosphere that the light of the building of WATERRAS lights it up luckily when it is night, and is slightly bewitching. It is good for a date.

By walk 5minutes
Fuji Soft Akihabara Bu...
Three cherry trees which bloom in the large building in front of Akihabara Station

The Fuji Software Akiba plaza built in the redevelopment area of Akihabara is the building which appears in the location of the drama from a modern appearance a lot.
The trees of three cherry trees which were planted to surround the high-rise building overflow in an atmosphere to heal people going the town relievedly.

By walk 15minutes

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start: JR Ochanomizu Station HijiribashiGate, Goal:JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Gate.
2016/03/26(SAT),27(SUN),04/02(SAT),03(SUN) From 1:30PM to 4:00PM(Time required about 2.5 hours)Participation fee (tax included) 1 set of three or more of the case, 9,900 yen per peroson / In the case of one set 2 people, 11,000 yen per peroson / In the case of participation in one person, 15,000 yen.
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Guide fee, Togenkyo's Tea & Sweets、Souvenir(Dorayaki)
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