Maid experience tour

Akihabara Chuodori Wal...
Start from Akihabara Station. Various maid's activities in even along the way.

Tours start from Akihabara Station Electric Town port.
The transfer from the station to the maid cafe on foot center street. Also There are a variety of maid in the middle.
Location is a little away from the Akihabara aim. Distance If you turn into a maid also do not mind.

Transformed into a mai...
When you get to the maid cafe Let's change of clothes to the maid. It is the moment you become the "maid".

We arrived to the maid cafe "Triomphe" who becomes a venue.
First order when you get to the maid cafe. Set of cake and tea of apple and custard in the tour is the standard.
Let's change of clothes to the maid until your meal comes out. You can choose various types of maid.

Finally transformed into a maid! Those who wish we will also help commemorate taken with a bring your own camera.

By walk 10minutes
Famous operation in ma...
Well there in the menu of the maid cafe, let's do a drawing to the meal.

Here is the apple and custard cake and set of tea. To dish margin part of the cake is a challenge to the drawing with the chocolate sauce.

In drawing Let's draw their favorite illustrations. Drawing Let's also put tea when you are finished.

Advice and knowledge o...
Let's also learn manners now that became a maid. Your advice of the perfect maid cafe to be.

Because we finally transformed into a maid, an experienced guide will tell you a little etiquette of the maid. From Moe Moe maid, until the classical maid. It corresponds to the etiquette of various maid.
Slowly enjoy Once remember your manners to some extent.
The many guide the maid-related books and doujinshi will gifts Judiciously in Akihabara.

Guide can also advise the perfect Akihabara maid cafe to you.
When you return to Akihabara Station dressed in plain clothes, will guide you to the location of the maid cafe.


Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start&Goal: JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Gate.
Twice a month / Weekday once Once / From 1:30PM to 3:30PM (Time required about 2 hours)
Participation fee (tax included) 1 set of three or more of the case, 13,000 yen per peroson / In the case of one set 2 people, 15,000 yen per peroson / In the case of participation in one person, 18,000 yen.
*Service that is included in the tour price
Guide fee, in cake & tea set, Maid costume rental, Souvenir(Book about the maid).
Min departs number 1 person capacity 15 people.
The judge departs whether to recruit 3 days ago. Japanese guide one person + interpreter 1 person (English or Chinese).
Stroke of the details, please refer to the Application page of Akiba Deep Travel (travel organizer).

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*Souvenirs and products that are introduced in the course might be changed by circumstances.