DOKAMORI (Around extra large portion) tour

Cafe Mai:lish
It looks sweet, the volume of a lot "jumbo float".

Then visit of the long-established maid cafe "Cafe Mai:lish".

The maid brought a smile, the specialty of this shop "jumbo float". The size you can see also in comparison with the normal size of a soft drink.
Despite the appearance of the Suites sense, hearty amount of drink and vanilla ice takes hit in your stomach.

By walk 10minutes
D.D.R AKIBA head office
A full-fledged virtual racing experience to help digestion.

Here we visit little to help digestion is, racing simulator pro shop "D.D.R AKIBA head office". It is a shop where you can experience a racing simulator in pursuit of realism.
A real racing car and saw Magou enclosure, in the CG graphics were thoroughly pursued a realistic, full-fledged virtual racing, you can experience.
Please be assured that the first one will tell the staff.

By walk 10minutes
Yarou ramen Akihabara
Challenge to some ramen amount, such as mountain

Followed by the visit it is, gives off a presence in Akihabara, which is also the ramen battleground "Yarou ramen".
Here eating is given, exuberant noodles and ingredients are off a strong impact "Mega Yarou ramen".
Just as it is a mountain in the ramen of the vessel.

The thickness of the appear and a large amount of vegetables one after another barbecued pork, a dish that eat meet.
If you allowance is still in the stomach, it takes an additional cost, but high-level soft-serve ice cream "CREMIA" to cleanse your palate as well please.

By walk 5minutes
Those who won in the sacred parfait what is the true hero!

Place to visit at the end on this tour is a steak house "Maniac harbor".

Here eating of is not a steak, the sword is stuck also the name "holy sword Excalibur parfait (L size)".
A large amount of fresh cream and a source in an elongated container, the serial is included, the holy sword and fireworks pierced has highlighted the sublimity of this parfait.
Only those that won this parfait you can pull out the holy sword. Unfortunately, we can not bring back the holy sword, but the exhilarating sense of conquering is possible take-away

By walk 10minutes

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start&Goal: JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Gate.
Twice a month / Weekday / From 1:00PM to 6:00PM (Time required about 5 hours)
Participation fee (tax included) 1 set of three or more of the case, 20,000 yen per peroson / In the case of one set 2 people, 24,000 yen per peroson / In the case of participation in one person, 30,000 yen.
*Service that is included in the tour price
Guide fee, Meals in the course of this tour is to specify, D.D.R game experience fee.
Min departs number 1 person capacity 10 people.
The judge departs whether to recruit 3 days ago. Japanese guide one person + interpreter 1 person (English or Chinese).
Stroke of the details, please refer to the Application page of Akiba Deep Travel (travel organizer).

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*Souvenirs and products that are introduced in the course might be changed by circumstances.