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Buso Shoten
Shuriken on Japanese sword, until the chain mail, weapons lined seen in Anime & Game
Shop name street called "Buso Shoten(armed shop)", including the fine arts sword-Iaido sword, it handles a variety of imitation weapons and armor.
The wagered swords a lot on the wall. It is a high quality, such as want to brag to decorate the house.
If I get permission to clerk, you can actually also be sure feel for the hand.
You can take home a souvenir (1,080 yen worth) such as shuriken in this tour.

By walk 10minutes
Komaki Shokudo
Happy also to vegetarian, let us experience the traditional Japanese food "vegetarian food"
Was transmitted from samurai from ancient times to the people shop where you can enjoy "vegetarian food" with Akiba is "Komaki Shokudo". Originally as it came to be made for the Zen temple that killing is forbidden, other meat, eggs and white sugar, milk, Gokun(leek, shallots, onion, garlic, leek) in the cooking It characterized by not using. It is a Japanese food with traditional seasoning of Japan.
Including the coming such "rice" and usually Japanese eat cuisine such as "miso soup" out to Japanese animation, you will enjoy the gently delicious Japanese food on the body.
All colorful side dish is made of vegetables. Store will have been English notation, it is friendly menu for those overseas.
Enjoy the Kuchifuku set meal that all the side dishes that are available that day stick.

By walk 10minutes

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start & Goal:JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Gate.
Twice a month / Weekday once & Saturday Once / From 1:30PM to 5:00PM (Time required about 3.5 hours)
Participation fee (tax included) 1 set of three or more of the case, 32,000 yen per peroson / In the case of one set 2 people, 39,000 yen per peroson / In the case of participation in one person, 49,000 yen.
*Service that is included in the tour price
Guide fee, Shoden worship firstfruits fee, fencing experience, shopping in Buso Shoten (1,080 yen worth), vegetarian food
Min departs number 1 person capacity 15 people.
The judge departs whether to recruit 3 days ago. Japanese guide one person + interpreter 1 person (English or Chinese).
Stroke of the details, please refer to the Application page of Akiba Deep Travel (travel organizer).

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*Souvenirs and products that are introduced in the course might be changed by circumstances.