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Rashiku Electric Town of Akiba, Let's make a "fortune" in soldering
In the work space in the electronic parts the city under Akihabara Station elevated "Assemblage", is soldered the IC chip and LED, you can assemble experience of fortune game machine "IchigoDot" that can be operated in one-key.

Use the needle-nose pliers and a soldering iron, you can make a game console yourself. Approach is safe even for beginners I'll tell carefully.
Fortune and roll game is a kit that can. Please take home your souvenir.

By walk 3minutes

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Guide this route of Akiba Deep Travel is available directly!

Start:JR Ochanomizu Station Hijiribashi Gate / Goal: JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Gate.
Twice a month / Weekday once & Saturday Once / From 1:30PM to 4:30PM (Time required about 3 hours)
Participation fee (tax included) 1 set of three or more of the case, 15,500 yen per peroson / In the case of one set 2 people, 17,000 yen per peroson / In the case of participation in one person, 22,000 yen.
*Service that is included in the tour price
Guide fee, in Amano-ya sweet sake, amulets and fortune, Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo in Kanda Myojin good luck figure, electronic work experience and IchigoDot kit in Assemblage.
Min departs number 1 person capacity 15 people.
The judge departs whether to recruit 3 days ago. Japanese guide one person + interpreter 1 person (English or Chinese).
Stroke of the details, please refer to the Application page of Akiba Deep Travel (travel organizer).

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*Souvenirs and products that are introduced in the course might be changed by circumstances.