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2016.06.20 MONDAY

Dragon Ball Gals Android 18 Figurine Unveiled

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Dragon Ball Gals Android 18 Figurine Unveiled

Dragon Ball Gals Android 18 Figurine Unveiled

It’s Android 18, Jim, but not as we know her.

The recent Mega Hobby Expo 2016, which took place in Akihabara, unveiled the latest in a line of figurines called Dragon Ball Gals. This time around, it’s Android 18 who’s getting the Gals treatment with a figurine due out in September.

The figurine, which retails for ¥9,250 (about $90) and is clearly aimed at a grown-up audience, portrays the Dragon Ball villain-turned-ally with slightly, uh, different proportions than we remember from the anime.

Previous Dragon Ball Gals figurines include Bulma in a bunny costume and... Bulma in an army costume.

The Android 18 figurine is created by MegaHouse and ships in late September.

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